6 mai 2015

The journey

You can follow us day to day on this google map!

We chose to visit North America because it has a similar economic model with Europe but at a wider scale. For instance,the city of New York counts 19 million inhabitants, it’s more than twice the London population or 10 times Paris inhabitants. We want to understand better what urban agriculture can offer to such a huge urban population. Canada and the United States are seen as leaders of urban agriculture. In Europe, the major part of the projects are at a small scale and often have a pedagogic or entertainment aim. In addition to this kind of urban agriculture, the two american countries also present productive and lucrative urban farms. As a consequence, the choice of North America is an unavoidable step for the development of the AgroVelo study.


Our travel itinerary focused on the North-West part of the continent. It was a 3000 km (2000 miles) long trip that we biked in four and a half mounths, from april to  middle-august of 2018.


This travel was based on the choice of big cities we wanted to visit because they are full of innovations and urban agriculture projects from wich we have a lot to learn. Our stopover towns are our guideline but also an open door towards new meetings.

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